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How to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy?

How to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy?

How to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Before, brand promotions and measurement of customer satisfaction are done traditionally – handout surveys, flyers, phone calls, and mailing lists. Now, as society continuously transitions to a more digital approach, so does how brands build and reconnect with their customers. One of which is email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy where brands send emails to prospects, leads, and customers. Good email marketing turns visitors to sales and one-time buyers to loyal customers.

Like a regular email, a brand sends marketing content directly to his/her subscriber in the hope of generating an actual engagement and sale. It may sound simple at first, but many brands give importance to their email marketing strategy as this lets them connect directly to customers and build a relationship with them.

This strategy is cost-effective, efficient, and functional, especially when done right. Email marketing at an affordable price is possible as long as you have the perfect skillset, techniques, and toolkit to optimize your content based on your brand’s identity and of your customers.

If you are still in the process of building your brand, here are some tips on how you can develop your email marketing strategy:

Write clear and engaging content. 

Writing engaging content is a must in email marketing. By using the right words and structure, your email can become actual sales.

There is no perfect structure for email marketing content. However, remember to keep it short and simple. Know that each reader receives hundreds of emails a day. Make it “skimmable” and concise with all the details that you wish to share.

Create compelling subject lines to increase your open rates. Most readers open their emails on mobile, giving clear subject lines an edge as it is the first thing that they read.

Above all, add extra spice to engage your readers. Nothing excites a reader more than a cliffhanger on subject lines. However, remember to put them only when necessary to avoid overuse of technique.

Experiment with your content. 

Experimenting, when done right, makes your brand stand out. What’s tricky about it though, is knowing how and when to start.

In an email content, your brand tries to “talk” to the reader. Emails, in general, are best when done in a communicative manner and less sounding like a generated or template email. With this, take the chance to develop a distinct voice. This will not only help your email to stand out but also connect with your readers on a deeper level. Some brands also use a real person’s name in the sender field to sound friendlier and more approachable.

Do not limit your strategy to sending promotions. The core of email marketing is to create and nurture a healthy relationship with your subscribers.

Do not be afraid to use statistics, photos, and emojis. Instead, use them wisely to give a point. Through effective graphic design and sound content, these variables can communicate with your readers more than you thought.

Take care of your email list. 

Finally, know how to maintain your email list. Knowing your audience helps a lot in writing the content that captivates and sells. Allow them to give feedback and translate these to action.

Focus on engaging your subscribers through activities, games/raffles, and interactive content. This helps in making it easier for them to remember your brand, sometimes even lets you build a relationship with them. Keep your emails as relevant and valuable to them as possible for higher engagement and action from your customers.

To avoid being tagged as spam or reduce unsubscribe rates, use frequency capping to evade over emailing. Frequency capping is a feature that lets you determine the number of emails your subscriber will receive on a specific timeframe.

Making sure your campaign elements are working properly is another way of maintaining the satisfaction of your subscribers. Never forget to test and improve your campaign elements before disseminating them to your customers.

More companies in Dubai practice email marketing as it is an efficient and affordable way to boost engagement and sales. To master this strategy, always be patient in finding out what your subscribers want to read and maximize this direct connection with them.

Zohaib Awan
Zohaib Awan

Zohaib is an impassioned web developer, accomplished writer, and digital marketing expert with a decade of industry experience

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